Blue Badge Mobility Scooter Range


Portable Scooter range

Blue Badge Mobility offer the Strider Micro 3 or 4 and the Strider Mini 3 or 4,  portable mobility scooters suitable for transportation in most vehicles .


 Portable mobility scooters as you would expect will fit into most cars in up to five separate pieces which are relatively light and easy to lift, and nowadays these are very easy to put back together.  Our portable scooters are particularly light and can be lifted into the car by able people without splitting into components, such as the Micro 3 or 4 wheeled , the Strider Mini 3 or 4 Wheeled also,  these scooters usually have either 10, 12 or 17 amp batteries and have a range of 8 – 12 miles on one charge.  If they are under 60 Kg. in weight, they can be flown by Easy Jet and many other airlines at no charge, if booked at the same time as your ticket.  The writer has taken hers abroad on many occasions and found Easy Jet exceptionally helpful.  These scooters make life so much easier for shopping, trips with the family and days out, and some people find the three wheel versions easier to use around their home.

Medium Sized Moblity Scooter range

 Blue Badge Mobility offer the Strider Midi 3 or 4. This type of scooter is the Class 2, pavement scooter, which is restricted to a speed of 4 miles per hour.  There are many of these on the market, with ranges from 15 to 30 miles, depending on the size of motor and battery fitted.  It is legal to go on the road if a pavement is unsafe, obstructed or not available but otherwise the driver must remain on the path.  Some of these can be taken apart without tools and can be transported in a car in pieces, others can be hoisted in by mechanical or electrical hoists fitted to the vehicle.  Ramps are also frequently used in appropriate cars.

Large Mobility Scooter range

Blue Badge Mobility offer the Strider Maxi Range of larger mobility scooters suitable for  longer journeys on both road (8mph) or pavement (4mph) - complete with lights , indicators and comfortable too! .Class 3 scooters are big road-going scooters -  some of which have all terrain tyres to go over grass and poor ground, ideal for more exciting days out.  These have two speed ranges, - for pavement use, up to 4 mph, and on the road, 8 mph.  Most of these scooters have batteries from 40 – 75 amp, have more range and power and some can carry up to 35 stone in weight.  Many have full suspension, up to 14” wheels front and rear, adjustable comfortable captain’s seats, all have full lights and indictors to comply with road safety requirements.  They can be fitted with a beacon to allow dual carriageway use, and can really almost replace a car. They can be fitted with a variety of canopies for all weather protection.  These will not fit in a normal vehicle as they are too heavy, but some people use a trailer to transport.

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